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About Rising Sign

Your abilities, your skills, the way others perceive you; they are related to your ascendant. The ascendant is the rising sign that was on the eastern horizon during the time you were born. It is basic to understand the essence of your personality.

If your Ascendant is Scorpio, here is some important information you need to know.

The keys to understanding Scorpio ascendant

You are extremely sensitive, and sometimes it can lead you to react harshly or excessively when you believe people wish to harm you or intrude upon your privacy. However, even in these situations, you can easily get back on top and use your self-control.

You can have a lot of ambition if you give in to your strong personality and sense of honor because you know how to deal with the consequences of your actions.

You are very straightforward, and you do not hesitate to say what you mean, sometimes without thinking about possible consequences. You only initiate a new project once you have thought it over for a while, and then spare no effort to achieve it, relentlessly moving toward your end goal. You are also resilient; efforts and adversity only strengthen your character each time you overcome an obstacle.

You are extremely picky in your relationships, and you do not easily confide in other people because you need to get to know them before you can bond with them. You love a challenge and need to push your own limits further and further to take a bite out of life. You hate routine, and you need change to break the monotony.

When you have something on your mind, it is hard for other people to change your mind because your decisions are based on a detailed analysis of the situation. Your Scorpio ascendant grants you an honest and trustworthy character, along with a lot of respect for other human beings.

Scorpio ascendant personality

Your Scorpio ascendant sign influences your relationships because it allows you to choose your friends carefully and sort out trustworthy people among people you should be wary of.

You are extremely selective in your relationships, and you have well-defined criteria for them. Consequently, you also have an open mind and a genuine gift for listening to what other people say and understanding what they want. This is what confers you a strong sense of human psychology and good communication and negotiation skills.

Your Scorpio ascendant sign also grants you an independent mind and the ability to make fair decisions. When you act or give your opinion, you do not beat around the bush and move forward boldly, which can seem aggressive or forceful because you do not like hesitations.

You hate hypocrisy, and your daring behavior can sometimes seem impolite, lacking tact or manners, whereas you’re only trying to express your ideas directly because you want honest, direct, and straightforward relationships. You do not let your guard down easily and do not make friends right away. You need time to trust other people.

In your quest for authentic relationships, you can lack tolerance sometimes and refuse to accept other people’s ideas. It might be good to be more flexible in that area. Everyone is entitled to their own ideas, as long as it does not lead to intolerance or rejection. Learn how to accept other people’s imperfections just as you would want them to accept yours.

ScorpioScorpio ascendant goals

According to your Scorpio ascendant, your independence is important to you, and you are hard to impress or influence. You are extremely sensitive so you can go overboard with your reactions sometimes when you are cross or when people stand on your way. You should tamper your impulsiveness that sometimes makes you lose control and might deteriorate your relationships with other people.

This impulsiveness is due to your passionate nature, and you can easily get fired up when you defend your ideas or when you feel that people are questioning their worth.

You have a discreet and enigmatic demeanor that can be unsettling. This is what allows you to keep your distance so that you might carefully select people worthy of your trust, and projects that deserve your commitment.
When you set a goal for yourself, you go all-in because your nature tells you that it’s all or nothing. Scorpio ascendant urges you to ignore rules if it might help the fulfillment of your dreams. You should try to resist these urges. You are headstrong and boldly stride toward the achievement of your goals. You should see any problem or obstacle on the way as a new challenge to overcome rather than an unexpected ordeal.

You do not believe in fateful outcomes; you think you can change anything with dedication, perseverance, and willpower. You have a discreet and almost secretive demeanor, and it can sometimes prevent you from fully expressing your abilities.

Adapting to Scorpio ascendant

Your passion might be a source of motivation, pushing you to follow through the actions you have undertaken to achieve your projects. You are also candidly honest; you love genuine relationships and stay away from hypocrites and from subterfuge.

You should nonetheless be wary of your own impulsiveness and possessiveness that might deteriorate your relationships with your loved ones. You have an independent character and do not like when people do not respect your boundaries or stand in your way. You have genuine communication skills, with a power of seduction that can help you achieve your goals. You should not abuse it, however, or you might end up manipulating others or abusing your power.

You know how to adapt to any circumstance. Your sense of human relationships and open mind ensure that you can quickly get back on your feet. You do not easily trust other people and need to get to know them for a long while before you can make friends or colleagues out of them. It can be hard to connect with you, and people find it hard to understand you at first, but once you feel comfortable you unveil a very accommodating nature.
When properly motivated, you can be quite obstinate and display great courage to overcome any problem that stands in the way. Try to see every obstacle as a new challenge to overcome instead of a problem that you did not deserve to face. This will change your mindset into that of a winner, bolstering your motivation to act towards the goals you have set for yourself.

You can easily become passionate about new projects, but your impulsive side might get you carried away and get you distracted from your main goal. You are genuine in your behavior, and you crave honest and sincere relationships. This is why you always take your time to choose the people who will help you to achieve your plans.

Scorpio ascendant Traits

You can rely on your ability to communicate and on your charisma to convince other people to offer some advice or help you to improve your living conditions and change what you do not like in your existence.
You can adapt to many different circumstances and change your ideas or your path when it is necessary. Still, learn how to persevere and don’t let the first obstacle you find on your path be a reason to give up. You have a great ability to get back on your feet because your willpower is strong enough to move mountains.

Rely on your intuition to make any required alteration to your personal life as you reach for the kind of happiness you crave, but do not do it at anyone else’s expense.

When you are in love, you go all-in and can sometimes develop a rather possessive side that might be detrimental to having harmonious relationships with your loved ones. Your personality can be unsettling at times, but it is hard to make you lose your nerve due to your iron will that only grows stronger with each new challenge you find on your way.