June 24, 2024
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Aquarius, this is one of your biggest years to date, says your 2024 horoscope. Pluto, planet of transformation, is entering your sign in January, affecting huge personal evolution. You’re emerging as a whole new person during his transit, Aquarius, so buckle up! You’re also looking at a year where your domestic and financial worlds are still being reorganised and restructured. This helps to balance out the immense personal changes that you’re about to go through. Keep reading, Aquarius. There’s so much in store for you this year:

Aquarius Horoscope 2024: Your Main Planetary Influences

As you’ve already read, Aquarius, your main planetary influence for 2024 is Pluto. Yet, this transit is two decades long, so it won’t be impacting all of you over 2024. Only those of you born at the very start of Aquarius Season – between 19 and 21 January – will feel this as intensely. Yet, at some point from 2024 until 2044, all Aquarians will, at some point, undergo the immense personal shift that this planet of death and rebirth ultimately brings.

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So, if you’re feeling the need to purge, detoxify and end certain habits, relationships or career paths, Aquarius, this would be why. Pluto is here to invite you to surrender and let go of everything that doesn’t align with who you authentically are.

The second most important influence of your year ahead, offer your horoscope, is the transit of your ancient planetary ruler, Saturn, through your financial and personal values sector. Here, you’re looking at taking greater responsibility for your resources and even being tested in this way to make sure that you’re getting what you’re worth.

Challenges for Aquarius Horoscope 2024

When it comes to your challenges for 2024, Aquarius, there are two focal points for you. The first is the move of Uranus through your domestic sector, which may be reflecting a certain level of instability when it comes to your living or family situation. The second is the transit of Pluto over your Sun, but only if you’re born close to the start of Aquarius Season.

Yet, both of these transits may work out for the best, Aquarius, depending on the choices that you make. With the Uranian energy going around, it’s all about allowing yourself to adjust to the changes being thrown at you. Because, ultimately, this transit is here to set you free. Being a fixed sign, you don’t find change that easy, unless you’re the one in control of it. Nevertheless, Aquarius, you can’t control this chaos. The sooner you submit to it, the better. If that means being a nomad for a little while or accepting that your roots are in a state of change, then so be it. This isn’t forever.

When it comes to Pluto, your challenge is to learn to let go, Aquarius. Let go of people, situations and paths that are naturally falling away, anyway. You’ve recently – over the last almost two decades – been through a deep process of inner healing, and it’s time to show the world the new you. It’s always scary to let go of parts of our identity, but, once again, this is about setting yourself free.

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Career and Work Horoscope for Aquarius 2024

Your career and work horoscope for 2024, Aquarius, is very much the same as 2023. Since March 2023, your ancient planetary ruler, Saturn, has been asking you to redefine your skills and talents or perhaps to even restructure certain skills. This is so that you can, ultimately, make more money and build up your inner worth and self-confidence.

See, Aquarius the last few years may have been for you quite challenging when it comes to defining your skills. Maybe you tried this thing and that thing, only to find that they either fell flat or didn’t have longevity. Or, you sold yourself far too short and got exploited. Now’s the time to set your boundaries, Aquarius, thereby announcing to the world at large what you’re worth.

If you happen to be in the field of healing, spirituality or a creative field such as music, film or photography, then this is your time to make these things really work for you. Once again, you’re looking at ways to make more of an income and to bring structure to what hasn’t had much structure in this last decade.

Finally, the transit of Jupiter from May 2024 in your creativity and passion sector is likely to begin a year-long, joyful journey when it comes to expressing yourself. You may pick up a few new hobbies, and perhaps you’ll even channel these hobbies into your work. This is going to be fun, Aquarius, so enjoy every last minute.

Love, Marriage And Romance Horoscope For Aquarius 2024

What does Love and Romance look like for you in 2024, Aquarius? Well, actually, it could be one of your most romantic years yet, especially from May 2024, when Jupiter moves into your love and dating sector. For single Aquarians, this is some of the best news you’ve had in many years. Jupiter only transits this sector every twelve years, so it’s a good idea to make the most of his time here.

This means getting onto a dating app, Aquarius. It means putting yourself out there and becoming available. The world of online dating is made for you, being such a communication-originated, tech-savvy sign. You love chatting and creating mental connections – this is an aphrodisiac for you. Remember, Aquarius, even though you’re a free spirit, you’re also a fixed sign, which means that you like commitment. Yet, with this transit, it’s a good idea to play the field a little and get picky before you settle on any one particular person. Figure out what you’re looking for and don’t settle too soon.

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If you’re already in a relationship, Jupiter’s transit might indicate that you’re talking about having a child together with your sweetheart. Or, maybe you’re thinking of birthing something else creative together. Either way, this looks like a great blessing for you, Aquarius, as long as you actually do take action. Words are just that – words – until you move forward.

The influence of Pluto, for Aquarians born close to the start of Aquarius Season, may indicate that it’s time to cut yourself loose and be single. This could feel like a huge deal, Aquarius, because it’s the type of transit that reflects major relationship events, such as divorce, for example. Yet, this is only if the relationship has been struggling for a long time. You’ll also probably be the one calling it, Aquarius, rather than having it ‘happen’ to you. You’re in the driver’s seat, and only you know what’s best for you. If your partnership has become disempowering over the years, it’s time to take the power back, in whatever way is most helpful and appropriate for your connection, advises your romantic reading for 2024.

Financial Horoscope For Aquarius 2024

You have two planets influencing your financial horoscope for 2024, Aquarius. The good news is that none of these influences are new. You’re already in this process, in other words.

The first of these influences is Saturn, planet of discipline, hard work and structure. He’s been travelling through your material sector since March 2023, which may have initially brought some stress or greater financial responsibilities your way. Yet, it seems as if you’re choosing these responsibilities, Aquarius. Maybe you’ve made or are making certain investments, such as buying a property or opening a business, for example. Thus, the restrictions you’re feeling are actually as a result of you financially growing up, Aquarius.  You can be very proud of yourself! This transit will continue until 2026, so you have a long time to learn the lessons of Saturn here.

The second influence is Neptune, who’s been in your material zone since around 2012. This could have had a few influences- some positive, some challenging. The challenging parts of this transit – which are now being mitigated by the arrival of boundary-creating Saturn, have to do with the loss of income, or the dissolution of material security. You may have felt as if money was slipping through your fingers, Aquarius, making it hard to find solid ground. You may have even been a little exploited or taken advantage of financially.

However, with Saturn’s energy, you’re becoming much more aware of these issues and taking steps to create the safety and security that you could have been lacking. Neptune also allows you to make an income from Neptune-ruled topics, such as healing or creative outlets – film music or photography most especially.

Health Horoscope For Aquarius 2024

Your 2024 health horoscope, Aquarius, is once again quite similar to 2023, with one major exception: Pluto. This planet has been mentioned a few times now – that’s how important he is. If you are an Aquarius born close to the start of your Season, then Pluto is likely to bring along a few health challenges and changes. Yet, before you become afraid, Aquarius remember that this planet always brings with him the opportunity to take back control.

For example, if you’ve felt like you’ve been slipping into bad habits – consciously or unconsciously – Pluto’s energy will invite you to shape up. It’s very common during his transit to purge. Maybe that looks like quitting smoking or cutting alcohol out. Perhaps you’ll decide to go on a major detox of some kind, or feel the urge to fast. This is all part of Pluto’s process, whether it’s triggered by an outside event (like an illness) or not.

For Aquarians not born close to the start of the season, you’ll feel Pluto at some point during the next two decades. For now, do your best to live the healthiest and most wholesome life that you can, so that you’re prepared for his energy when he eventually comes.

For some Aquarians, you’ll still be navigating the transit of Uranus to your Sun. This may reflect restlessness and anxiety which could have an effect on your nervous system. It’s a transit commonly known as the ‘breakdown to breakthrough’ cycle. So, if your body is taking strain, Aquarius, trust that you’ll come out on the other side. You’re being taught how to care for yourself by not over stimulating yourself. Grounding is very important at this time, Aquarius.

Family And Social Life Horoscope For Aquarius 2024

Your family horoscope for 2024 is influenced by two planets, Aquarius. The first of these is Jupiter, who’s been visiting this sector since May 2023. He’ll leave your domestic area in May 2024, so it’s a good idea to make the very most of his time during the first few months of the year. Jupiter is all about blessings and growth, about expansion and opportunity. Some of you may have or are thinking about a move into a lovely new space, a bigger and more nurturing space, perhaps. Ultimately, this transit is positive for anything related to home life, and may also help to improve your family relationships, especially if there’s been instability over the last few years.

It is important to keep in mind, Aquarius, that you still have the transit of Uranus through your domestic area too, until 2025. This is bringing a certain level of chaos and disruption to your home and family life, with unexpected endings, events as well as opportunities taking place. Ultimately, this is about setting yourself free. Maybe that looks like cutting off certain family members, getting a divorce or suddenly moving to a place you’d have never thought about before.

When it comes to your social life- always a very important topic for you, Aquarius – things look the same as 2023. There are no major changes here. In fact, you may even be a little more focussed on romance than on friendship this year.

Spiritual Horoscope For Aquarius 2024

The Moon’s Nodes – karmic points – are transiting your spiritual sector at the moment, Aquarius. They’ve been doing so since about July 2023. This is bringing along some powerful spiritual growth for you, especially during the Eclipses of April and May 2024. You may be looking at integrating your bigger spiritual philosophies with your daily practices.

Sometimes it’s better to keep it simple, Aquarius – remember that. You don’t always have to have these sweeping concepts fuelling your spiritual path. Often, it’s just about having your morning ritual, or a monthly Full Moon manifestation that makes the spiritual path more real and grounded.

Advice And General Outline For Aquarius Horoscope 2024

As you’ve read by now, Aquarius, your 2024 Horoscope has all kinds of astounding and interesting developments for you. Pluto is a main player, especially if you’re born close to the start of Aquarius Season. You’re about to undergo major personal transformations and shifts, so get ready to purge all that isn’t aligned to you.

Financially, you’re also in a space of taking more responsibility, even if you’re being a little tested a t the moment. You’re growing up and learning to value yourself more and more Aquarius. This is, ultimately, very empowering for you. You’re laying down important new foundations.

Your home life also looks like it’s still in a process of major change at the moment. You have to learn how to be adaptable, Aquarius. It’s not the easiest to navigate these ever-shifting roots, yet it’s a huge part of your evolutionary process at the moment.

Relationship-wise, this could be one of your best years yet. You’re either having a whole bunch of fun with new people, or, you’re creating something wonderful with your current partner. If you’re an early-season Aquarius, then you may be empowering yourself to such a degree that your relationship either has to end or transform along with you.

This year has it all, Aquarius. You’re more than capable of handling everything with courage and grace every marvellous shift coming your way.


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