June 13, 2024
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Leo, 2020 – 2023 had you likely feeling quite stuck, restricted and challenged with many external situations that you couldn’t avoid. That all ended in March of 2023, to be replaced with a sense of liberation, freedom and exciting change. This is set to continue into your yearly horoscope for 2024. There’s still a good chance that circumstances in your world are up for sudden shifts, which ultimately, untethered you from a stale situation. Not to mention the move of Pluto into your opposite sign, which is bound to have a major impact on you and your relationships. Read on to explore more of what your yearly reading for 2024 has in store:

Leo Horoscope 2024: Your Main Planetary Influences

There’s one main planetary influence for you in 2024 that stands out, Leo: it’s the permanent move of Pluto into the sign of Aquarius, which happens to be your opposite sign, ruling your relationship sector. This kicks off a two-decades-long process of transforming all of your connections from the ground up. Some of you may fall in love and have your life changed. Some of you may end a toxic relationship. It all depends on context, Leo. But rest assured that this will, undoubtedly, bring the changes that your soul needs in order to evolve.

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Challenges for Leo Horoscope 2024

The biggest challenges for 2024 come via two planets, Leo – Uranus and Pluto. If you’re born closer to the end of Leo season, then you’ll have Uranus to contend with. He’s creating a square aspect with your Sun which can, even if exciting, indicate breakdowns, unpredictability, anxiety and changes far beyond your control. Seeing as you’re someone that tends to like stability and only embrace change when you’re in charge, this could challenge you in any number of ways. But when you embrace this energy, Leo, you’ll actually find yourself quite enjoying the rollercoaster. Plus, the sense of freedom that comes from this is incomparable.

Pluto will affect those of you born right at the very start of Leo Season, says your 2024 reading (Leo’s born at other times will feel the effect of this planet at some point in the years spanning now until 2040). It will oppose your Sun, inviting major personal transformation and life changes. This is the death and rebirth planet, Leo, so get ready for something in your world to be let go of so that your new identity can be revealed. Health, relationships and life path are all likely areas that will be impacted, and the lesson will be to surrender and let go.

Career and Work Horoscope for Leo 2024

Your career and work horoscope for 2024 is somewhat the same as 2023, with both Jupiter and Uranus still influencing this sector. Jupiter, bringer of gifts and giver of growth, entered the career zone of your Astrology chart back in May of 2023, and will stay until May 2024. There’s a saying, Leo – it’s ‘Make Hay While the Sun is Shining’. Apply this for the first few months of 2024, and you’ll reap the professional rewards. It’s time for growth and expansion, for taking position and manifesting abundance. Slow and steady wins the race, Leo, so keep that in mind, will you? In May, Jupiter will move into your financial income sector, where you’ll see the tangible, material results of your efforts over the last year or so.

And Uranus? Well, this planet of rapid and sudden change has been in this sector since 2008, reflecting times of rapid change and excitement in your career. Some of you may have decided to go freelance, for example – seeing as this is what Uranus rules. Some of you may have simply decided to create a more flexible schedule so that you can have more time travelling or with family. Others amongst you may have had an entire career change in these last few years. This planet is still somewhat of a rollercoaster, and for Leo’s born close to the end of the Leo season, it’s about to get even wilder. You need freedom now – there’s no more question about it. Take charge by creating it rather than letting change suddenly happen. Make the adjustments needed so that you’re in your most authentic role, the role that you know you can shine in.

One last thing to watch is the retrograde of Mars in your sign over December and January 2025. This may have you backtracking, or feeling a little frustrated and aggressive than your plans don’t seem to be going anywhere fast. This is the perfect moment to slow down and smell the roses, Leo. Don’t force anything – it won’t be good for you in the long run. This is a great time to finish up old projects and reflect on what you’d like to take forward with you into the New Year.

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Love, Marriage And Romance Horoscope For Leo 2024

Pluto – planet of change and transformation – is the main planet to study when it comes to your 2024 romance, love and marriage horoscope.  But first, take a step back. Think about the years between 2020 -2023. How were they for your relationship? What challenges did you face as a couple? How did you overcome them, more importantly? In what way did they make you that much stronger?

Now, apply this strength you’ve built and your teamwork attitude to the moment that Pluto enters your relationship sector, which will be January 2024-September 2024 and again from November 2024 for the next two decades. Yes, he may bring some extra pressure. He may nudge you to both do some extra work in your connection. He brings the gift of deepening your bond, but only if you’re willing to do that deep dive, Leo. If you’re not willing, then this transit may reflect crisis and drama, or perhaps the unwillingness to let go and surrender. Either you’re feeling this or your honey is. Either way, you’ll both have to come in and share from an equal place if you want your bond to survive – and thrive.

If you’re single, then this can be a fantastic way to meet someone – or more than one person – who can have a huge impact on your life. Someone compelling, magnetising, someone who you may find it all too easy to surrender power to. Be careful of this, Leo. Don’t give this person/these people too much.  You are naturally very generous, so this isn’t easy. But make sure they’re not going to use what you give to manipulate or control you in any way, ok? Test them. See if they’re worthy, first. Then go ahead and give, but only if the power dynamic feels equal between the two of you.

Financial Horoscope For Leo 2024

Your 2024 financial horoscope focuses mainly on the planet Saturn, and to a certain degree, on Neptune, too. Saturn entered one of your resource sectors back in March 2023, where he’ll stay until early 2026. This zone is linked to toxins such as debts, loans, shared finances, investments, inheritances and all money belonging to others, or to a partnership. Saturn is continuing to ask you to set up strong, clear boundaries. See, Neptune has been in this sector since 2011, potentially reflecting major issues when it comes to said boundaries, Leo. Maybe you found that your funds were dissolving, or that there was some kind of mismanagement, confusion or downright deceit. Saturn has come along to clean all of that up. You’re getting serious about where your money goes and you’re also standing up for what’s yours. Just be careful, Leo, that you’re not running into a situation in which you’re too scared to share, to open up, to be vulnerable financially. You may need some help right about now, so get that help. Reach out. It’s not as scary as you think.

There’s some good news, too – Jupiter, giver of gifts and planet of expansion, enters your income-earned sector in May 2024. This should bring you some kind of increase in your salary, after a year or so of massive professional growth and opportunity. Thus, the question over 2024 really is around how you’re going to be managing this increase and making it work for you. It’s not a bad time to consider investing – in stocks, shares, trusts, a home or anything else that feels right. Getting a financial advisor will help if you feel at any point lost, Leo.

Health Horoscope For Leo 2024

The two planets most responsible for your health and wellbeing this year, Leo, are Pluto and Uranus. Once again, they’ll only directly impact you if you’re born close to the end of Leo season, or the beginning. Other Leos have either already gone through in the past, or will in the future, but not over 2024.

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The first – Uranus – can reflect issues with anxiety, the nervous system, overstimulation and sudden, unpredictable issues that start quickly and end just as fast. This impacts you if you’re not a week or so before the end of Leo season. It’s a transit known as the ‘breakdown to breakthrough’ effect. So, if you find that you’re breaking down physically, Leo, it’s so that you can emerge on the other side with a whole new health regime. You do need to manage your stress and try not to overstimulate yourself in order to mitigate the effects of this energy, Leo, so keep that in mind.

The second – Pluto – is for those born on the first two days of Leo Season. Pluto will be opposing your Sun, reflecting a strong desire to purge, to detox. It’s very common for people to give up smoking or drinking during this transit, to start taking supplements and losing weight. It won’t be easy, Leo, but just keep in mind that this is, ultimately, right for you.

Finally, Mars will retrograde in your sign and thus, the area connected to your physical body, over December 2024 into January 2025. Over this time, Leo, be careful of taking risks. Your body may be under more duress, making it easy to injure yourself.

Family And Social Life Horoscope For Leo 2024

Being such a family-oriented sign, it’s always good to see what your 2024 horoscope has to say about your family and domestic life over the year ahead. You’ve been through somewhat of a ringer over 2022 until mid-2023, with all the Eclipses in your home sector during that time. Things changed probably quite drastically, and hopefully, for the better. You don’t have any signs of crisis for 2024, thankfully, Leo. The Moon’s South Node, is, however, in your sibling and extended family zone for the year, making some of the Eclipses happen here, too. This might bring along a crisis-like effect to this area, but it’s more likely to impact education, travel and communication. The chances are small that there’ll be a huge drama, Leo, so rest assured.

Your social horoscope for 2024 looks fantastic from May onwards, when Jupiter enters this sector of your Astrology chart. For the year following that, you’re going to be networking harder than ever before, making many new friends and generally enjoying an expanded circle of community. Enjoy every second, Leo – you love getting out and about!

Spiritual Horoscope For Leo 2024

Your Spiritual Horoscope for 2024 looks much the same as it did for 2023, Leo. Not much is going on in this sector until 2025 and 2026. Yet, it should be mentioned that the Eclipses will unfold in one of the areas connected to beliefs, spirituality and philosophy, as well as religion. You may enjoy expanding your spiritual awareness and knowledge in some way, Leo, perhaps by traveling to new places or exploring different creeds and ideologies. You’re looking at the bigger picture and moving away, at the same time, from narrow-minded thinking. This can help grow your spirit exponentially, and urge you to take more risks when it comes to defining your beliefs.

Advice And General Outline For Leo Horoscope 2024

Your yearly 2024 Horoscope has a mix of growth and challenge, Leo. Those of you born very close to the start of the month will be experiencing an extremely transformative year ahead, which could prove to be exciting, but also unsettling. You’re being challenged to break out of your comfort zones and evolve, to surrender and truly let go of who you thought you were. A new you is being birthed, Leo. Some of you might also still be working with the energy of sudden and unpredictable change, change that ultimately, is going to set you free. When you look back, you’ll see just how many breakthroughs you’ve made, Leo. Getting your finances in order is a good idea, as you may be earning more from the middle of the year onwards. You’ll also be making some lovely new friends and enjoying the rewards of the opportunities you took from January until May. All in all, Leo, not a bad year at all!


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