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Leo, your 2021 horoscope looks very interesting indeed! It’s np secret – this is a big year for you, especially when it comes to your erosional relationships, business, and life direction. This is a year, Leo, where you really “grow up”, no matter what your age is!

Be ready, predicts your 2021 horoscope, for major responsibilities, Leo you have to work within the limitations that come your way yet at the same time, there’s huge growth too. You’ll both expand, as well as discipline yourself. Many of you have lifestyle changes coming in health matters to attend to, and will be feting very serious about the future!

Romance is a big deal, too Leo. many of you will move into commitment, and some of our will (finally!) meet that person who you’re going to settle down with. However be prepared for tests too, Leo!

Leo Horoscope 2021: Your Main Planetary Influences

Leo, your free yearly horoscope for 2021 focuses on the planets Saturn and Jupiter. These two big guns move into a very important zone of your astrology chart; the zone that speaks of committed relationships, business partnerships, and sometimes – rarely – loss.

Not only will they move into this zone, but they’ll also, at some stage, oppose your Sun, which is the ruler of your sign. This often indicates profound personal life changes, facing up to reality, and taking responsibility in some way. This is often dubbed the “growth” transit, Leo, and only comes around once every seven to eight years.

This phase will ask that you restructure and rework your life goals and over the next two years will change your very identity, Leo. You may find yourself less willing to just have fun and play. Instead, you are focussed and serious, and willing to put in the work you need to!

Get ready for a big year, promises your 2021 horoscope!

Challenges for Leo Horoscope 2021

The challenges for your free 2021 Leo horoscope is mainly focussed around the Saturn transit to your Sun, Leo. This is never an easy experience for anyone, least of all you, someone who is self-expressive, creative, and playful!

Because the Sun usually indicates our vitality and health, Leo, it’s possible that with heavy Saturn opposing it, you’re going to be dealing with health issues sometime in the next two years. Added to that, some of you will also have a Uranus transit to your Sun, which can indicate your life – and health – being completely unpredictable.

However, there’s always a reason for the madness, promises your 2021 horoscope, Leo. this transit is not coming along for nothing – you are ready for it. You can be even more ready by making sure that, somewhere in your life, you learn to say “no”.

This may mean drawing boundaries with yourself your health lifestyle or even at work. It can also mean within your close relationships, Leo. Be prepared to feel a little alienated and isolated over the course of the next few years, and remember this is just a phase!

Mainly, look after your heart health, your bones, teeth, skin, and general skeletal structure. Nurture your joints by picking up yoga, for example, and make sure you are getting all the supplements and nutrients that you need.

Career and Work Horoscope for Leo 2021

Leo, your 2021 career horoscope shows more unpredictability – in fact, you may as well just get used to this over the next few years, says your yearly prediction. The reason for this is because Uranus, the planet of abrupt change, shocks, and instability, is traveling through your career zone for the next several years.

It’s not all bad though, Leo. Uranus can be your very best friend, too. This planet can set you free, especially if you have found yourself in a dead-end job for some time, or a problematic career. This is the freelancing planet, so if you are looking to be more independent, this is the perfect planet to help make that happen for you.

Uranus is a bit like a roller-coaster, Leo. over the course of 2021, and the years to come, it will feel like you reach very high highs as well as some low lows. And like all roller-coaster, they’re scary to get on, and the ride can be wild, but when you get off, you look back and usually want to go on again! Try and see this as liberating rather than stressful, Leo, and you will enjoy it more.

This can be a good year to form business partnerships, Leo, as Jupiter enters this zone and brings helpful, innovative, and unique people into your life. People who can teach you and uplift you in some way.

However, a word of caution, Leo: there will be tests to that partnership with Saturn also in this zone, and with Neptune traveling throughout shared money zone, you will have to draw very clear financial boundaries. Be careful of being exploited, warns your 2021 horoscope prediction.

Love, Marriage and Romance Horoscope for Leo 2021

Leo, your 2021 love and romance prediction is very, very important – perhaps the most prevalent and important theme of 2021! Firstly, Leo, Saturn, the planet of tests and commitment, enters your long-term relationship zone.

For those of you who are single, this can often indicate an important relationship entering your life, one that is here to stay. However, it won’t all be roses and daisies. There will be some challenges and tests in the relationship especially when it comes to being ready for commitment. You could be faced with a choice, Leo, and some pressure.

Some of you may have an old relationship come back into your life, which will have tests of its own. As always, says your 2021 love horoscope, the choice is yours as to what you’d like to do.

If you are already in a long-term relationship, this two – year Saturn transits often talks about taking the relationship to the next level, like getting engaged, married, or moving in together. However, you’ll need to be prepared for big extremal challenges, as the world tests your relationship to see if it’s strong enough to handle the rigors of life.

If it’s not strong enough and if there’s no room for growth, Leo, the relationship may start to crumble over the next few years and end completely in 2023. You both have to be willing to put the work in, or else it will fail, says your 2021 horoscope.

Financial Horoscope for Leo 2021

Your 2021 Financial yearly prediction is much the same as 2020, Leo. there aren’t any major transits or challenges to your financial zone, although you always have to be watchful of the times when Mercury goes Retrograde, as he is the ruler of your financial zone.

This happens three times in the year, at eth beginning, the middle, and the end. This is when you find money matters slow down, become complicated and/or stressful. This happens to you often, Leo, so by now you should have an action plan for a difficult period, which only lasts about a month each.

Neptune is still traveling through your shared income and resounds zone, which can often point to exploration and wasting money, to debts accumulated without you always noticing. It can also warn you to not put all your eggs in one basket with someone else, and be careful of being taken advantage of.

It’s usually not advised, says your 2021 horoscope, to merge your bank account with another, or give anyone your details. Employ a good and trustworthy financial advisor, and keep an eye on all loans and bank matters. As there are a few things that could slip your notice.

When Jupiter moves into Pisces, he may bring a financial windfall, inheritance, or money coming in from someone or somewhere else. You’ll get the help you need, Leo, from about the middle of the year and into 2022.

Health Horoscope for Leo 2021

Your 2021 yearly health horoscope is an important one, Leo. As already mentioned, Saturn and Uranus are transiting your Sun, which can spell unexpected and difficult developments when it comes to your health, particularly your heart, bones, and teeth,

This is the year, Leo, where you have to make some important lifestyle changes to avoid the potential difficulties that arise. With Jupiter also transiting your Sun, it’s tempting to go completely over the top, either eating too much or too little, over or under-exercising, or other excessive activities.

You have to rein it in, Leo, and find a good balance. Don’t go to extremes, in other words. Make sure that you have good medical insurance, and that you are taking the right supplements and not pushing yourself too hard. It’s easy to become worn down as the next two years go on, and neglect yourself due to work or your relationship, says your 2021 yearly health prediction.

Family and Social Life Horoscope for Leo 2021

Leo, family is a big deal for you. Your 2021 horoscope for family life can, for some of you, be a bit challenging, especially when it comes to the male figures in your family, such as your father for example. He may have health issues, or you may experience some crisis to do with him.

However, this is not the case for everyone, and may only happen to a very few of you, especially if he is aging or ill already. So, you may find this the year to deal with any issues around your father and resolve them. You are growing up and taking responsibility, Leo, and it will reflect in your family environment.

With the Eclipses in your social relationships zone for the next few years, you are reviewing the people in your life that you call friends, and some of you may lose a few on the way. You’re finding a greater balance between you and them, and big, important changes can happen as you seek that balance, offers your 2021 horoscope.

Spiritual Horoscope for Leo 2021

Leo, your spiritual horoscope for the year 2021 is less active. You’re far more focussed on relationships, work, and your health, which may, for some of you, lead you into a more spiritual way of life overall.

It’s only as Jupiter shifts into Pisces that you start diving deep and doing the spiritual work, becoming fascinated with the occult and other hidden things. Your intuition is likely to grow, says your 2021 horoscope, closer to the end of the year and into 2022.

Advice and General Outline for Leo Horoscope 2021

Leo, your 2021 horoscope prediction is really all about your relationships, your health, and your work. With Saturn and Jupiter in your opposite sign of Aquarius, there is a ton of growing to do, and you have to find some balance between going to extremes versus completely limiting yourself.

Many of you may feel a little lower than usual, more serious, less willing to play, and have fun. This is due to the dampening effect of Saturn, as he molds you into true adulthood and asks you to take a good, realistic view of yourself.

In the next two years, Leo, you are going to change a lot – you may be unrecognizable as Saturn shifts your life. This may be due to personal changes, or simply due to the relationship changes that come into your world.  

Get ready for commitment to be a big theme, Leo as Saturn travels through this zone of your astrology chart. You want to take things one step further, and your partner needs to be ready to grow with you, or else you will seek freedom and autonomy. Many of you will encounter important people, romantic or otherwise that become a big part of your life over the next few years.

All relationships will be reviewed, Leo, and you may feel cut off, indicates your 2021 prediction. Don’t fret, this won’t last forever. You just need to learn when to say no, and when to hold back on your generosity. 2021 will be one of those years to remember, Leo. You’ll look back and see the great strides you have made, the immense growth that you went through!

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