May 20, 2024
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Astrological Report for December 2023

Astrology is a tool of time and space. As the Solar System runs through its cycles, astrologers follow the patterns the same way a meteorologist follows the weather. Each month different points in the sky form important relationships, which we call aspects, that indicate emerging, changing, and enduring patterns.

This blog will look at the month ahead and discuss the most prominent and powerful aspects, and how they impact life on earth. These impacts will connect to both personal and current events to show how the astrological weather report can help you “weather” your life and navigate each month successfully.

What is Ongoing?  Transits, Ingresses, and Retrogrades


Transits occur when two Points form a certain type of angular relationship with one another. The most powerful among the transits are the conjunction, square, and opposition. Points that conjunct merge together by sharing the same sign and degree. Points that square align by the degree in signs that are 90 degrees (or four signs) apart. Take the sequence Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn – Libra and Capricorn are four signs apart and square one another. Points oppose one another when they are 180 degrees apart.

Conjunct Points merge energy. Points squaring challenge one another. And Points opposing one another try to harmonize and attain balance.


Ingress occurs when a Point changes signs, causing the Point to change its tone. If a Point is in Aries, the tone is active, aggressive, and ready for action. But when the Point ingresses into Taurus, the tone becomes slow, steady, and settling.


The term retrograde describes forward motion that “appears” as backward motion. Since astrology views the Solar System from an earth-centric rather than sun-centric point of reference, there are times of the year when Points in the sky “look” like they are going backwards. The effect is known as retrograde motion, which occurs when a faster moving body passes a slower moving body and the observer is on the faster moving body watching the slower moving body “go backwards” as they pass each other.




The Sun

The Sun changes signs on December 21st. As the Sun transitions from Sagittarius to Capricorn, we shift from the adventurous and exploratory fire of Sagittarius into the grounded and disciplined earthiness of Capricorn. Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign ruled by Saturn, urges us to focus on structure, responsibility, and long-term goals. This astrological change prompts a more serious and practical approach, encouraging us to set realistic ambitions, work diligently, and establish a solid foundation for the future. It’s a time for strategic planning, perseverance, and embracing a sense of purpose. Capricorn’s energy guides us to climb the metaphorical mountain of achievement with determination, leading to lasting success and personal growth.


Mercury will ingress from Sagittarius to Capricorn on December 1st. As Mercury transitions from Sagittarius to Capricorn, we move from the expansive and optimistic mindset of Sagittarius into a more grounded and pragmatic approach to communication and thought. Capricorn encourages a more structured and disciplined thought process. This shift prompts us to communicate with a focus on practicality, long-term goals, and strategic planning. It’s a time for organized thinking, responsible communication, and setting realistic objectives for success in the material world.

Mercury will go retrograde December 14th and then ingress back into Sagittarius on December 21st. As Mercury retrogrades from Capricorn back into Sagittarius, communication takes on a reflective tone. The shift invites us to revisit and reassess our ambitions, goals, and philosophical beliefs. Delays and reconsiderations may emerge, prompting a more thoughtful approach to decision-making. It’s a period to reconsider our commitments, clarify miscommunications, and gain valuable insights into the broader perspectives that align with our true beliefs and aspirations.


On December 4th, Venus transitions from Libra to Scorpio. As Venus transitions from Libra to Scorpio, a profound shift in matters of love and relationships is underway. Leaving behind the harmonious and diplomatic energies of Libra, Venus enters Scorpio’s intense and passionate realm. During this period, emotional depth and transformative experiences take center stage in romantic connections. Scorpio’s influence encourages a more profound exploration of desires, intimacy, and shared vulnerabilities. It’s a time when relationships may delve into deeper, more profound aspects, unveiling hidden truths and fostering a sense of emotional authenticity.

On December 29th, Venus will ingress from Scorpio to Sagittarius. As Venus transitions from Scorpio to Sagittarius, a change in the landscape of love and relationships unfolds. Moving from Scorpio’s intense and transformative energy, Venus enters the adventurous and optimistic realm of Sagittarius. This shift encourages a more open-minded and exploratory approach to matters of the heart. The focus turns towards seeking new experiences, embracing freedom, and nurturing connections that align with a spirit of enthusiasm. It’s a time for broadening horizons, expanding perspectives, and infusing relationships with a sense of excitement and adventure.


Mars will spend the entire month in Sagittarius. In Sagittarius, a more adventurous and open-minded energy continues to flow. We remain bolder, seeking challenges and embracing a sense of freedom in our pursuits. This period encourages a more enthusiastic and direct approach to our goals, with a focus on exploration and taking risks in the spirit of growth and expansion.



Mercury will go retrograde on December 14th. Mercury’s retrograde in Capricorn signals a period of reflection on practical matters and communication. As the planet appears to move backward in the disciplined and ambitious sign of Capricorn, there’s an emphasis on reviewing and reorganizing structures in work, goals, and responsibilities. It’s an opportunity to reassess plans, refine strategies, and ensure clarity in professional and practical affairs. While challenges may arise, navigating with patience and attention to detail can lead to valuable insights and improvements.


Jupiter went retrograde on September 5th. It will be retrograde throughout the month of December, turning direct on December 31st. Retrograde Jupiter in Taurus prompts a review of values, resources, and growth. It encourages introspection into how you handle abundance, material possessions, and your sense of self-worth. It’s a time to reconsider financial strategies and assess whether your pursuits align with your core values, potentially leading to more sustainable and fulfilling paths.


On July 24th, Chiron went retrograde in Aries. It will be retrograde throughout most of the month of December, going direct on December 27th. During retrograde Chiron in Aries, old wounds resurface, calling for deep healing and self-discovery. Embrace the opportunity to confront past pain and insecurities, empowering yourself to overcome challenges and emerge stronger. Inner strength and resilience will lead to transformation and growth.


Uranus went retrograde on August 29th. It will be retrograde throughout the month of December. During retrograde Uranus in Taurus, expect unexpected shifts in finances, relationships, and personal values. Embrace the need for change and be open to new perspectives. Resistance may cause frustration, but adapting to unique circumstances can lead to personal growth and breakthroughs in unconventional ways.


On July 1st, Neptune went retrograde in Pisces. It will be retrograde at the beginning of December, and go direct on December 7th. When Neptune is retrograde in Pisces, the ethereal energy turns inward. Dreams, intuition, and spirituality take center stage as illusions are revealed and deeper truths are sought. It’s a time for introspection and examining subconscious patterns for greater spiritual growth.

Week to Week Aspects

The week to week aspects only take into account aspects involving Mars to Pluto because their duration is long enough to make a noticeable impact on global affairs. There will be only one aspect between the outer points (Jupiter through Pluto) starting on December 24th, a sextile between Jupiter (retrograde) and Saturn. All the rest of the activity will be generated by Mars and last roughly 5 days at a time.

December 1st to December 7th

Mars in Sagittarius inconjunct (requiring adjustment) retrograde Jupiter in Taurus (December 1st to 5th)

Mars in Sagittarius inconjunct retrograde Jupiter in Taurus calls for adjustments in pursuing desires. Conflict may arise between the adventurous drive of Sagittarius and the cautious expansion of Taurus. Balancing enthusiasm with practicality is essential, urging a mindful approach to avoid overextending ambitions. Strategic adjustments foster harmony between action and long-term growth.

December 8th to December 15th

Mars in Sagittarius trine (collaborating with) retrograde Chiron in Aries (December 11th to December 17th)

Mars in Sagittarius trine retrograde Chiron in Aries brings harmonious collaboration between assertiveness and healing. Energies align to boost confidence and initiative. The adventurous spirit of Sagittarius blends seamlessly with Chiron’s transformative influence, fostering courage and resilience. This aspect encourages bold actions that contribute positively to personal growth and healing processes. Open exploration and taking initiative become pathways to overcome vulnerabilities, creating a supportive synergy between Mars and Chiron.

December 16th to December 23rd

Mars in Sagittarius trine (collaborating with) retrograde Chiron in Aries (December 11th to December 17th)  continues

Mars in Sagittarius inconjunct (requiring adjustment) retrograde Uranus in Taurus (December 18th to December 23rd)

Mars in Sagittarius inconjunct retrograde Uranus in Taurus signals a need for adjustment in actions and sudden changes. Sagittarius’ fiery drive clashes with Uranus’ unpredictable energy in Taurus, urging adaptability. Unexpected disruptions or innovative impulses may challenge planned endeavors. Flexibility is key to navigate this aspect, emphasizing the importance of adjusting strategies and embracing the unconventional. It prompts a dynamic dance between Sagittarian enthusiasm and Uranian surprises, urging mindful responses to unexpected shifts.

December 24th to Dcember 31st

Mars in Sagittarius square (challenges) Neptune in Pisces (December 24th to December 31st)

Mars in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces poses challenges related to action and illusions. Sagittarius’ bold pursuits may clash with Neptune’s dreamy, elusive nature, leading to confusion or misguided efforts. The square prompts a need for clarity in goals and a cautious approach to avoid unrealistic endeavors. Balancing Sagittarian motivation with Neptune’s subtleties is crucial, urging careful evaluation of actions to prevent potential pitfalls arising from misguided or over-idealized pursuits.

Retrograde Jupiter in Taurus sextile (complements) Saturn in Pisces (December 24th to December 31st)

Retrograde Jupiter in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces creates a harmonious collaboration between expansion and structure. Taurus’ practicality blends with Jupiter’s expansive energy, offering opportunities for grounded growth. Retrograde motion encourages reassessment, fostering stability and adapting long-term plans. This alignment suggests combining material stability with visionary goals, enhancing productivity and enduring success. It encourages a balance between tangible progress and a thoughtful, adaptable approach, promoting a steady yet expansive path forward.