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COVID-19 Horary Question

Update on COVID-19 with Horary Astrology

There is a branch of astrology known as Horary Astrology.  The process involves asking a specific question and casting a chart for the moment of the question.  The chart provides the answer.  The question I asked for this article on April 24, 2020, at 11:13:50 in Cary, North Carolina was, “what do the readers visiting Ask Astrology need to know about COVID-19?”  This article provides the answer.

COVID-19, What We Need to Know Now

The world is changing faster than it ever has in recorded history.  In fact, the pandemic continues to cause situations that are truly unprecedented, as it has never happened before.  It has been far too common to use the word unprecedented as hyperbole because life in much of the world has been mostly stable, and even the instability stayed within certain boundaries.  Not so anymore.

We are all looking for insights and answers, critical viewpoints that help, and knowledge that syncs with reality and not wild speculation.  Astrology provides a practical and spiritual interpretation of events in terms of energy and timing.  One tried and true practice in astrology casts charts for specific questions at the time the question gets asked; this practice is Horary astrology.  I employed this technique and asked the question, “what do readers visiting Ask Astrology need to know about COVID-19?” Below is the chart:

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COVID-19 Horary Question chart

The Answers

You do not need to know anything about astrology to see some obvious visual representations that matter.  Most of the points are “up high”.  In fact, only 2 points are “down low” or below the horizon, which you mark by drawing a line between the letters AS and DS.  And one of the points, the IC, is an angle representing the bottommost angle of the Sun that day, so it is a default “down-low” point.  The only point below the horizon is a horseshoe shape that is upside down (you could pour water into it), which is the South Node in the sign of Capricorn.  So, without a doubt, this virus is a public issue, across the board.

11th House (Community)

The heart (Sun) and soul (Moon) of the matter affect the community (11th House) and security (Taurus), both of which the virus disrupts (Uranus) in a way that is radically changing society at the most fundamental levels (Uranus in Taurus in the 11th House).  The last time Uranus was in Taurus was 1934 to 1942, the period of the Great Depression and the beginning of World War II; also, unprecedented times.

The Moon phase for this casting is the New Moon, which means new beginnings, new plantings, and new growth.  Economic thinker John Mauldin suggested years ago that the world would have a Great Reset based on a debt collapse that would affect the entire world.  His Great Reset claim is accurate, the virus is the trigger, and the existing debt problem will get worse.  The economic repercussions, while already severe, have not really been “reset”.  Reset will likely involve defaults and bankruptcies on an immense scale.

7th House (Laws)

The South Node, Pluto, and Jupiter occupy the house related to law and partnerships for this question.  Jupiter struggles in Capricorn; its previous time in the sign … 12/2007 to 12/2008 (and the prior financial crisis).  Pluto entered Capricorn in … 2008.  All points moving through Capricorn must address duty, limits, responsibility, and achievement.  If something is not being done or run properly, Capricorn collects the debt and eliminates old, weak systems.

We can expect new limits and restrictions to arise during, and well after, the virus settles into the cycle of human life.  The South Node resists change and its nature to resist is a source of hard lessons.  The opposite is the North Node in Cancer.  There needs to be a new identity (1st House) for caring about others and taking care of ourselves.  The current best defense against any disease is excellent health, followed by proper care of the self on a regular basis.  Self-care and the care of others is the theme of the North Node in Cancer.

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8th House (Shared Resources)

Saturn and Mars both occupy this house.  Saturn applies pressure testing to any area of the chart that it transits.  Mars is about drive.  Aquarius rules community and human ideals.  The virus will and is already forcing, a clash (Mars) of ideals, largely between capitalist and socialist philosophies, which will be tested (Saturn) because of this virus.

Mars pushes for a “winner” and a “loser”.  Some philosophies will be proven wrong in emphatic ways the longer the virus persists.  And COVID-19 will redefine (Saturn) how people share resources (8th House) in community (Aquarius).  Also, there is likely to be a lot of anger (Mars) about how resources have been shared, limited, and distributed in the past.  Resource distribution is the default of human economics, but choices about the flow or limits of resource distribution can vary based on political choices (i.e., what is the tax rate for one group versus another group; that there is a rate at all means the distribution is constructed).

9th House (Expert Knowledge)

With Neptune moving through this house, expert knowledge is unclear.  There is simply not enough data to make truly useful predictions or gather a full understanding of the pathogen.  We are still in the mystery phase, which essentially means waiting for more cases, more testing, and time to pass.  There is nothing that can be done to pressure Neptune to move any faster to reveal any clarity.

10th House (Prosperity and Responsibility)

Chiron and Mercury are here and in Aries, so much of the responsibility, at least in the United States falls on the individual.  The wound comes through lockdowns and shelter-at-home orders; Aries independence is limited.  The healing starts when social distancing, better hygiene, and guidance from science and science experts lay out a road map that will result in a return to freedoms, more limited than before but with less “rampant” freedom, which is also harmful to Aries.

And, for the time being, especially with Neptune’s murky deep waters keeping expert knowledge from clarity, most of us will feel we have to do our own research and draw our own conclusions.  Unfortunately, Mercury in Aries also means plenty of people will just say what’s on their mind, make claims without proper research or understanding, and even use the crisis to think aggressively in a survivalist mode, even when such thinking is not necessary.

12th House (Spirituality)

Venus is the lone point here, in Gemini.  This virus and pandemic cause us to think about (Gemini) how we relate (Venus) to others as part of an event that leaves none of us untouched (12th House).  Traditionally known as the house of illness, the pandemic requires us to face our community, starting with family and expanding outward into the entire world.  What illnesses of relating do we need to address in this crisis?

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The Lower Half of the Chart

With only one point below the horizon, the concentration of the message is global and public.  The astrology indicates that much of what we need to know about the virus is happening rapidly and disruptively out in the world and then “coming home” to the empty houses.


The virus is still spreading and, astrologically, according to this chart as an answer to the question asked, the virus impact will be long term and persistent.  It will take some time, from this point in time to get more clarity about the virus itself and possible solutions.  Life, as many people know it will be permanently disrupted, creating new opportunities to heal unhealthy behaviors that helped make a virus like this one so successful in transmission and spread.

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