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Taurus, this year holds many surprises for you – as if 2020 wasn’t enough! It’s a year of huge personal growth and career changes, with much of the focus going on your personal path, your profession, as well as your financial status.

Your 2021 horoscope asks that you stay open-minded, Taurus. That you don’t resist change, and instead be open to it. This is your year to really grow up and take responsibility and to accept that certain limitations exist – and that you can work with them instead of against them.

Your health is also important this year, Taurus. You may be working so hard that your diet suffers, and you might forget to delegate. That’s okay – you’ll learn through trial and error, and by the end of 2022 – a long cycle – you’ll have come a long, long way!

Taurus Horoscope 2021: Your Main Planetary Influences

Your free yearly horoscope for 2021 is mostly influenced by the planets Saturn and Jupiter moving into your career zone, Taurus. This means that you’ll be working harder than ever before and that it’ll be important for you to lay strong foundations right now for the future.

Jupiter offers you plenty of opportunities within the restrictions of Saturn, and it’s time for you to grow and expand professionally Taurus. You’ll be learning a lot along the way, and with Saturn near your Sun – for those of you born late in April – growing up comes naturally.

The Saturn-Uranus squares of 2021 are all about finding progress, Taurus – about breaking free of the status quo and being brave enough to go your own way. Sometimes, it may feel like you are standing at the edge of a precipice, so don’t be scared to jump! Try and find the structure within all the chaos, Taurus. If nothing else, your 2021 horoscope promises to be interesting!

Challenges for Taurus Horoscope 2021

Your Taurus horoscope for 2021 indicates that for some of you, personal changes are here to stay for the year. Uranus is on your Sun for those of you born in late April or early May. This spells unpredictable and sudden changes, such as moving country, getting married, selling property, or losing a business for example.

Uranus is a planet that’s hard to predict, and some of the changes may be positive – and some challenging. However, Taurus, your horoscope says that you need to be free, and this is why these things are happening. Maybe you have been too stuck in your ways, and this is the time to break free of the shackles that have held you down.  

Health challenges may be an issue for a few of you born in late April – which could have also appeared in 2020. Be careful of how much you take on Taurus, and the responsibilities and stress may be hard for you to carry and affect you in negative ways, health-wise.

Find a good balance of work and play, Taurus. You will find yourself saying no to indulgences, and many of you might cut out things like sugar or alcohol.  The planet Saturn wants you to say “no” and create boundaries or else you will get ill or stressed!

Career and Work Horoscope for Taurus 2021

Taurus, your 2021 horoscope for your career looks great, even if you do get overwhelmed with responsibility. Saturn only arrives in your career zone every thirty years, so this is a cosmic opportunity to take things seriously and to lay down some serious foundations for the future.

Whatever you do now, says your 2021 horoscope, will manifest in years to come, Taurus. Now’s the time to buckle down, to say no to the pleasures of life. The time for pleasure comes later, Taurus, after you have done the work.

If you don’t take responsibility, Taurus, you’ll find that your 2021 horoscope can reflect you losing a job, or having restrictions in your professional environment. You’re the one who needs to take responsibility and no one else! Some of you may even have a total 180-degree turn in career, as per your 2021 horoscope prediction.

Luckily, Jupiter is also traveling through your career zone, which helps throughout 2021. He brings growth and opportunity, especially through your friends and networks. It’s sometimes not what you know, Taurus – but who you know!

Watch out for the start of the year, when Mars enters your sign after six months in Aries. You’ll be brimming with energy and enthusiasm, though you’ll have to be patient with certain projects. And with a lot of planetary energy gathering in your career zone in February, new beginnings are happening and will keep happening for the next six months of the year.

Mercury Retrogrades in two of your work zones this year, Taurus – at the beginning and towards the end. This is when projects go awry and you’ll have to make sure you’re checking and double-checking what you’re saying and signing, as this can spell a few mishaps!

Remember, the work you do over 2020 will manifest over the next few years, so be sure to do it properly, Taurus!

Love, Marriage and Romance Horoscope for Taurus 2021

Taurus, your 2021 love and romance looks to be fairly relaxed and drama-free. The main crisis and drama happened in 2020 for you; with the Mars Retrograde at the end of the year. There may still be some fights or tension at the start of the year, but that does dissipate, says your Taurus horoscope for 2021.

The main area where you’ll need to grow with your sweetheart is when it comes to sharing resources; such as finances, for example. This is because of the Eclipses of 2021 fall in this zone of your astrology chart, Taurus. The questions to ask yourself will be along the lines of: is the give and take equally in my relationship? What am I willing to let go of? How can I go even deeper into intimacy? How are we sharing the costs of living?

Some of the issues may feel rather tricky; and it’s up to you to decide how to share the control and power in your relationship. You’ll be learning a lot along the way, Taurus. If you’re in a toxic or unequal relationship, don’t be surprised if it ends or if there is a crisis.

However, this is only the extreme side of love and romance for 2021, Taurus, and won’t be happening for all of you. There’s much more focus on your personal path and growth than on your relationships in any case! 

Financial Horoscope for Taurus 2021

Your yearly Taurus horoscope 2021 when it comes to finances can be an important one, Taurus. The main reason for this is because you have the big transits of Saturn and Jupiter through your career zone, which will have a knock-on effect on your finances, too.

So, even though you’re not having any big planets traveling through your financial zones, it’s to be expected that there will be a few changes to contend with. If you are one of the Taurus’s that will have a job change, restriction, or increase in responsibility, then you’ll find that your bank account reflects the action.

One thing to definitely remember, Taurus, is that the Eclipses will be happening over the next two years in your money zones. It’s a time where you have to plan, Taurus, where you have to start getting into the nitty-gritty of how you earn, save, and spend.

It’s no longer about the bigger picture or indulging, it’s about drilling into the detail, Taurus. You’ll have a few lessons coming your way, mid-year and towards the end of 2021 that can alter and shape the course of your finances in months to come.

Finally, your 2021 horoscope says that when Jupiter slips briefly into your money earned zone, you may receive an increase in pay which is a hint of what’s to come in 2022.

Health Horoscope for Taurus 2021

According to your 2021 yearly horoscope, Taurus, your health is a big deal. The reason for this is because Saturn, the planet of lessons and discipline, is going to square your Sun over the course of 2021 and 2022. For those of you born in late April and early May, this is important to remember.

When Saturn and the Sun challenge each other, we tend to work far too hard and our stress levels and health suffer because of not delegating or taking too much on. This may be necessary in some way, Taurus, but you’ll soon start to realize that you can’t carry everything on your own shoulders.

For you, Taurus, 2021 can predict a breakdown in energy. You may be rushing to and for, and with all the chaos going on in your career and personal life, you may suffer from high levels of anxiety.

Taurus, this year, your horoscope indicates that it’s really important to ground yourself. Yoga would be excellent, or Pilates, as your spine joints and general skeletal structure may have issues. You may also benefit from dental work, too. Be prepared for surprises, Taurus, and have good medical insurance in place.

Family and Social Life Horoscope for Taurus 2021

Your social relationships for the year 2021 are more focused on your work relationships, Taurus. You’ll be circulating a great deal in your profession, and these relationships are the ones that are going to get you very far indeed!

Because you’re so very focussed on yourself and your career, your home life might take a back seat, as will your friendships. However, Taurus, this isn’t a huge cause for worry, as once Jupiter moves into Pisces and into your social zone, things pick up and you’re making all kinds of new friends.

These friends may be very spiritual in nature, opening up a world of magic for you, Taurus. This happens towards the middle of the year and into 2022. There’s plenty to look forward to!

Spiritual Horoscope for Taurus 2021

Taurus, your horoscope for the year 2021 is not about your spiritual growth – that was what 2020 was all about! You came along in leaps and bounds over the last year, so now is the time to give yourself a pat on the back and a “well done”!

Once Jupiter heads into Pisces, things look great for finding the right kind of people who share your beliefs, Taurus. A community of sorts. You’ll be working towards this throughout 2021, and at a few points in the middle of the year, plus at the end of the year,

Advice and General Outline for Taurus Horoscope 2021

Taurus, your 2021 horoscope prediction is all about work, work, work! It’s a year where you have to try and find the balance between the old and the new. The new, meaning where you want to go and grow as an individual and how you plan to align your growth to your career path.

Watch your health throughout the year, Taurus, as it may suffer if you take on too much stress. You can’t avoid the responsibility, but just try to find balance, Taurus.

Anxiety levels may run rather high, and there is a strong level of unpredictability. Remember, all the energies of this year are about bringing you more personal freedom. So, when you look at things in that way, it’s a whole lot less scary!

Use your social relationships for workplace advancement, Taurus – network, network, and network some more! Create a community around you of people who share your dreams and ideals, and allow others to help you build your visions.

The beginning of the year is the strongest for you, Taurus, so make the most of it – particularly around February, where there is a lot of action in your 2021 horoscope! It’s time to create new beginnings for yourself, and to watch them unfold over the next few months!

Lastly, be prepared for some financial shifts which are rather big, and as a result of the change, you experience in your career. A big year, Taurus!

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