May 20, 2024
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The astrology chart is made up of four sources of data: the astronomical bodies (Sun, Moon, planets, and asteroids) and calculated points (Nodes of the Moon, Part of Fortune, and so on); the Signs; the Houses; and the Aspects. The bodies and points, Signs, and Houses are ruled by one of the four elements. The Aspects have no element assigned to them.

The Water Points in the Sky (Sun, Moon, Planets, and Asteroids)

The Moon (Earth’s satellite), Neptune (planet), and Pluto (planet) are the water points. The Moon rules Cancer and the 4th House; Neptune rules Pisces and the 12th House, and Pluto rules Scorpio and the 8th House.

The Moon represents our soul path, how we give and receive love, and what we share when we feel we can trust others.

Neptune represents our spirituality, our connection to the divine, and how we need to surrender in life to be fulfilled.

Pluto represents regeneration, death/rebirth, expulsion, upheaval, and power.

The Zodiac Signs

Each sign has a quality (Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable) and an element.

Cancer is the Cardinal Water Sign. Nurturing Active Water fuels its Primary Drive. The Life Path energy operates best when they care-take themselves and others properly; Cancer individuals must learn “emotional balance” to manifest their best results.

Scorpio is the Fixed Water Sign. Intense Persistent Water energy fuels its Primary Drive. The Life Path energy operates best when bringing or experiencing transformation; Scorpio individuals must learn “playfulness or lightness of heart” to manifest their best results.

Pisces is the Mutable Water Sign. Imaginative Adaptable Water fuels its Primary Drive. The Life Path energy operates best by connecting with others emotionally; Pisces individuals must learn toughness to manifest their best results.

Water element

Water and the Human Experience

Each elemental group processes all the various life experiences through the nature of the element. Water Sign individuals rely on emotions, feelings, intuition, and vulnerability to make their way through life.


Water Signs can be intense, nurturing, empathic, and dramatic when it comes to love. They get turned on by vulnerability, sharing feelings, generosity, and sacrifice. The way to a Water Sign’s heart is through their desire for memorable experiences that reveal the love they feel for someone and the love they feel from someone.


Water Signs prefer to build a family in any professional environment they choose to work in. If they are in the residential building business, then they will want to build HOMES, not houses. They want the home to be the place where a family will enjoy life and share wonderful memories together.

Every profession functions on emotions, close relationships, and needs; and Water Sign individuals will want to take on those family-like roles so they can get the most out of their jobs and careers.


Family life will be a profound experience with a Water sign in the mix. The Water signs want the family to be a haven for everyone on an emotional level. Families need to share and support one another.

Holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries will be extremely important. As parents, Water Signs prefer nurturing (water) over independence (fire), logic (air), and material concerns (earth).


Money is a means “to care for others” for Water Signs, and they can manage and make the most of the money they earn or have in the family. These are the signs that want to have money to nurture and protect those they love, as well as take care of themselves.

4 Key Traits of the Water Element

Whether you are looking at a Water Planet, Water Sign, or Water House, the element has certain key traits it expresses that define it separately from the other elements.

Water Energy Nurtures

Water sustains life, so the energy nurtures us. Energy is essential for replenishment and refreshment. It correlates with such feelings as compassion, love, and emotional connection. We may communicate thanks to Air, but we experience “meaning” because of Water. The deep pleasure of shared intimacy comes through the energy of Water.

Water Energy Creates

Evolutionarily, life came from the ocean, from Water. A child grows in a womb within a watery haven, and it is the mixing of fluids that creates human life. Liquids are the basis for paints, which are used to make art, and allow us to express emotions in powerful and beautiful ways. As the source of biological life, so it is a source of creativity.

Water Energy Transforms

Water energy adapts and transforms. While it can find its way wherever there is an opening or a need to reroute, it can, over time, wear down even the most solid of stones and change any landscape. The birth of a child, a sudden loss of a loved one, a new flirtation, or getting a promotion are just a few of the transformative moments filled with Water’s powerful energy.

Water Energy Feels

While Air energy is thinking about it, Earth energy is trying to be practical and prudent, and Fire energy is leaping into action, Water energy is feeling it. Individuals with strong Water energy feel their way through life; they make decisions based on their feelings.

Life is a constant ebb and flow of experiences that contain emotional moments that will accumulate over their lifespan to weave a rich tapestry that will be their amazing story in the end.

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