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Karmic Reason for Intercepted Houses Part 1

What is the Karmic Reason for Intercepted Houses? – Part 1

If you look at your natal chart, you will see that there are at least two houses engulfing two signs, unless you use the equal system house. The signs that are engulfed in the houses don’t show up at the beginning of the house or the end. This is called an intercepted house.

Intercepted houses happen when a house is larger than 30 degrees which most likely will have an entire sign fitting into it. When you have two signs in each house where one sign is at the cusp at the beginning and the following sign is at the cusp at the end of the house is not an interception. This happens most of the time. If you are not clear on what an intercepted house is, let’s go over an example of one.

An Example of An Intercepted House

You are looking at your natal chart, and you see that each of the house cusps starts on each sign and ends on each sign except for two. The two houses that are at opposite ends of one another engulf the signs Aries and Libra. Aries is intercepted in the Third House, and Libra is intercepted in the Ninth House. Your Third and Ninth Houses are intercepted houses in your chart.

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It always happens as well that intercepted houses would be the ones that are the opposite of one another in the natal chart since they are identical in size. Additionally, the signs that are the opposite of one another are always both intercepted.

This means if Aries is intercepted, Libra will be as well. If Taurus is intercepted, Scorpio will be as well, and so on. And like with everything else in astrology, intercepted houses and signs have a significant meaning.

What Does it Mean if You Have an Intercepted House?

You know that when planets are in any of the houses in your chart, they are the areas of focus in your lifetime which are due to karmic lessons. Or sometimes the planets in the houses are the result of your soul focusing on those areas in order to evolve which as well means they would take on new lessons. For instance, the house where your sun is located is the house where your soul has decided to ‘shine’ during this incarnation.

How does an intercepted house express itself? Actually, these are the houses where you will have a hard time expressing let alone accessing the signs that are engulfed in it. They are literally repressed in the houses. The planets that are in intercepted signs will be a true area of focus which can present a lot of difficulties. What often happens is when you do try to express the signs, you may do so in an inappropriate way. This will lead to feelings of anger and frustration.

For instance, if your intercepted signs are in Aries and Libra, you will struggle to assert yourself (Aries) and bottle in your feelings. Eventually, you will explode if you are angered enough and mismanage your rage. This can also cause you to not establish strong relationships (Libra) as you may be too critical to them or may not be assertive enough. Therefore, resentment boils up.

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The area of difficulty expressed by those intercepted signs would be expressed the most in the houses where they are intercepted. That means if Aries is intercepted in the Fourth House, then Libra would be intercepted in the Tenth House.

This can mean there is tension within the family and home life of not being assertive enough for having your own needs and wants to be met. You express anger and rage inappropriately at home which spills into the fact that you have a reputation for not maintaining relationships properly and for being powerless which is expressed by the Tenth House.

Intercepted houses are the result of lessons that are brought on from past lives as well.

What Are the Karmic Reasons for Having Intercepted Houses in Your Natal Chart?

Intercepted houses are indicative of failures of completing lessons and missions from previous lives that have been carried over to your present life. It shows that through the signs and the houses where the interceptions are. Your lesson in your current life is to work on balancing the karma that is shown in the intercepted houses and it will take a lot of work and energy to do so. But it can be done.

Natives feel like failures in the areas of their lives that are represented by their intercepted houses because those are the areas that need balance and work. For instance, let’s go back to the native who has Aries and Libra intercepted in their chart.

They will feel like a failure for not being assertive enough with their families until they blow up out of anger and they are full of regrets. And at the same time, this issue spills over into their relationships as they can’t maintain relationships due to having a challenging home life.

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They’ll feel like failures in that regard and in the end, may end up all alone unless they work on their karmic issues. It is quite possible that the native in previous lives mishandled their power over others and relationships which is how the interception manifested in their current incarnation.

Karmic issues will be elaborated on a bit when the meanings of the zodiac signs and houses with the interceptions are focused on. Let’s start off by talking more about the Aries/Libra or First/Seventh House interception.

Aries/Libra Or First/Seventh House Interception

As you are already aware based on what was written is that those with Aries or the First House interception will struggle with assertiveness and will say ‘yes’ when they mean ‘no’.

They will also be the type to struggle with initiation and procrastination. And this angers them about themselves as they just don’t understand how they can’t just ‘get started’ with things. And they also feel resentful for not being assertive enough to express their needs. And when this frustration turns into anger, they become violent or express it in an inappropriate way.

This means that Libra or the Seventh House interception will show that there are struggles with maintaining relationships based on the Aries or First House interception. Natives can also be quite dominating and cruel to those who they are in relationships with because of the fact that they don’t know how to be assertive in the appropriate ways. 

It is possible that the native was made to feel as if they were unlovable in a previous life and they were meant to work on assertiveness and relationship skills. That lesson is a focus in this incarnation in order to achieve that.

Taurus/Scorpio Or Second/Eighth House Interception

If you have the interception in Taurus/Scorpio or in the Second/Eighth Houses, then you struggle with forming and keeping your own opinions. You may have never enjoyed having comfortable and nice possessions, and perhaps experiencing a lack of love as well. You wanted to be liked quite badly and you have been quite insecure, and never developed a sense of self-worth.

With Scorpio/Eighth House intercepted, you never felt as if you had your own privacy or solitude. You also never stepped into the unknown since Taurus or Second House interception caused you to fear leaving your comfort zone. There is a strong fear of loss because of this as well.

It is quite possible that in previous lives you struggled with having a good relationship with money, or you lived in poverty and had to hang onto any item you could afford. Taking baby steps to continuously leave your comfort zone and to find your own worth is how to balance that karmic issue.

Gemini/Sagittarius Or Third/Ninth House Interception

If you have the interception in Gemini/Sagittarius or in the Third/Ninth Houses, then speaking freely is a struggle as well as never being able to find your own truth and beliefs. It is possible that as a child you were either afraid to share your thoughts and speak up.

Maybe you also had a speech disorder of some sort such as a stutter which made you self-conscious about speaking. However, that is not always the case. Perhaps you always felt that you were not free to speak your truth as you feared you would not be heard in addition to struggling to express your thoughts.

The way that would translate would you have a hard time finding your own belief and this inability to speak up could get in the way of you pursuing higher education. That is how Sagittarius/Ninth House interception is presented.

The possibility is strong that in previous lives you allowed yourself to not express your beliefs out of fear which may have been legitimate if you were oppressed. Maybe you were proselytized as well.

Journaling is a great way to start working on balancing this karmic issue and being honest with yourself about what type of belief feels right to you. Even if you find a grain of it, hold onto it.

Cancer/Capricorn Or Fourth/Tenth House Interception

The Cancer/Fourth House or Capricorn/Tenth House interception is quite difficult. With the Cancer/Fourth House interception, you were not given the love and nurturing you needed growing up. You would, therefore, struggle with giving any of it as well. You don’t like hugging or cuddling and you are seen as cold as a result. Even if you were given love growing up, past life issues would have caused you to be this way.

With Capricorn/Tenth House intercepted, you would struggle to feel and nurture which means you would not nurture yourself. And as a result, you struggle with giving yourself any type of power. You struggle to succeed in what you do as a result of feeling powerless which also hampers any self-esteem.

In a previous life, you may have been in positions where your needs were not nurtured and you really were in powerless situations. If you were raised by oppressive parents in a previous life that did not nurture you which caused you to question your lifelong goals, that would have spilled over into this incarnation. That is unless you were able to balance that issue back then. The way to balance is by asking yourself why you don’t deserve to be loved and successful. You can’t come up with an answer that you can back up. Start working with that.

Leo/Aquarius Or Fifth/Eleventh House Interception

With Leo/Fifth House or Aquarius/Eleventh House interception, that is also quite stressful. You simply lack self-esteem and don’t believe that you deserve any type of praise that others get. You don’t have inner strength (or you believe you don’t which is the truth), and as a result, you resort to attention-seeking behaviors in very inappropriate ways. You would seek out negative attention just for getting attention so you are noticed.

An example of something you would do would be deliberately cutting in front of a line and getting into an argument and making a scene with the person who was in front of you. However, since you hold this belief, you don’t believe you are worthy of attaining dreams as the good things that happen to others would not happen to you (so you believe). That is how Aquarius/Eleventh House interception expresses itself. You would reluctantly conform to society because you don’t believe you have anything unique to live by and to share.

In a previous life, you may have had to deal with your fair share of ridicule from others based on you being yourself. That ruined your self-confidence and carried that with you into your current incarnation. The question to ask yourself is if someone out there who is less fortunate than you are, what can you offer them? Because if you dig deep within you will be able to find something.

Virgo/Pisces Or Sixth/Twelfth House Interception

If you have Virgo/Sixth House interception or Pisces/Twelfth House interception, you did not follow any type of routine or structure. And this likely would have been the strongest if you were born to work parents who did not have the time to create a schedule. Or you would have been a rebel and caused a lot of frustration to your parents who wanted to set a routine for you.

However, you did what you wanted and gave into bad habits, and even went to sleep at odd hours. That would be expressed through Pisces/Twelfth House interception. You never allowed yourself to tap into your imagination for becoming inspired to do something with your life.

You may have lacked a routine in previous lives especially if you did your best just to survive. That could have definitely carried over to your current incarnation without any resolution previously. The first step is to recognize this is getting into your way of success and getting help from a reputable life coach who can teach you how to have order and structure in your life.

Most natives have four areas of interceptions in their natal charts. It is the signs themselves and the houses they are in which means there are four areas of their lives that need work and balance. The only exception to that is if the intercepted signs are in their corresponding houses such as Aries intercepted in the First House and Libra intercepted in the Seventh House.

What does this mean if you have planets in intercepted signs and houses? That will be examined in the next second and final part of this series.

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